Jeffri Ramli - The Unusual Collection

The Collecter's Album — soon available!

A collection of rather very different songs than those Jeffri sings live — The Unusual Collection. These songs range from the alternative genre with Life-Killers, through the orchestral ballad of What A Déjà Vu!, and the Malaysian song Cinta Abadi, to evergreens like At Last, On The Sunny Side Of The Street, One Note Samba, or God Bless The Child, and the bonus track with Laughter In the Rain. There is even the Christmas song of the unusual kind.

This album contrasts popular evergreens with non-mainstream songs.
On the song Little Miss Sunshine Jeffri Ramli sings together with Johny Lam, who composed the song and is one of Jeffri's brilliant musicians (guitar, piano).
Another song, was originally handed to Jeffri by a friend whose father Alfred Slattery wrote a short melody line on the clarinet. To lengthen and to turn it into a producible song, Jeffri gave it to a composer and music producer, of whom Jeffri claims, he is not from this planet.

Yves Val Schott then composed the missing parts, added lyrics, arranged the orchestration. The ballad was later produced with the Hans Nubuk Orchestra. Listen for example to the instrumental part of What A Déjà Vu! with its beautiful melody the strings play accompanied by the solo guitar.
Or have a listen to Yves Val Schott's beautiful, but unusual orchestral production of the song Oh, Lord Above.

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